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The InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast has been doing great, but I know I could always do better and improve things. I love to interview successful real estate investors on the show, but I have some other ideas that I think will provide great value to my listeners. Instead of interviewing only successful people in the real estate industry, I want to sprinkle in some interviews of investors who are just starting out. I will choose a couple of investors to interview who have just started out investing or are ready to invest. Instead of learning how an investor has become successful, we can learn what roadblocks someone new is running into, and I can try to help them through whatever is holding them back.

How will the podcast episodes be formatted?

My idea is to interview a real estate investor by asking them how they got involved in real estate. What they are doing now to invest or try to invest. Learn what is holding them back or stopping them from doing deals, and give them advice on how to find more success. After the first interview I will follow-up with them in a few months to see how they are doing. We can find out what they learned, if they have had more success, and what their goals are the second time around.

Who will I interview and how will I find them?

I want to interview everyday people. They don’t have to be famous, they do not have to have a website, but they do need to be motivated. I don’t want to interview people who need someone to do all the work for them. I want to interview people who will listen, who will take action, and who are going to be investing for the long haul. I don’t want to interview someone who just decided to invest in real estate last week, and next week they will get tired of all the work and give up.

How can you get on the show?

First off, there will be no charge to be on the show. But I will have a few requirements for anyone who wants to apply to be on the podcast. I want people to first prove they are willing to work a little, before I take the time to review applications and vet people. Anyone who wants to apply must:

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  1. Buy one of my books: Build a Rental Property Empire or Fix and Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom. Both books are on sale this weekend to make it even easier.
  2. Read the book! I want to make sure whoever I am interviewing has at least a vague idea of my strategies.
  3. You must also leave a review for one of those books on Amazon.
  4. Once you have read the book and left a review, send me an email that shows the review and tell me all about yourself and why you should be on the show. [email protected]
  5. If you have purchased the Complete Blueprint for Successful Real Estate Investing program, the Six Figure Real Estate Agent Success System, or are in my Mastery Program you can apply without leaving a review.

What would you need to be on the show?

If you want to be on the show and get selected to be on, you won’t need any fancy equipment. You can even use your phone. I just ask that you have 45 minutes to an hour to talk, are willing to listen to what I advice I give, and are willing to do a follow-up interview in a few months.

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