Why I Like to Fix and Flip Homes; Money, Time, Enjoyment…

Fix and flip funI have fixed and flipped homes since 2001, and I have always enjoyed the process of finding great deals, fixing up properties and selling them for a profit. I also sell many houses a year as a REO broker and I run a retail real estate team. It is not easy to run any of these businesses, but I can say that fix and flipping by far provides the most profit compared to the time it takes. I also am able to find fix and flips in almost any market and at any time. I can not say the same for my retail sales team or my REO listings. I discuss how much money I make on my fix and flips here. I can make $30,000 on a fix and flip and I complete 10-15 fix and flips a year. I would estimate the fix and flipping business takes less than a quarter of my time.

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Why does it take less time to fix and flip than it does to sell homes as a real estate agent?

It has taken me many years to build up a team that can help me with all my real estate activities. They help with all facets of listing homes, working with buyers, completing tasks on my REOs and helping with the fix and flips. It takes a lot of time to work with buyers to sell a house as a real estate agent. It also takes a lot of time to list homes for regular seller or banks. You can make a lot of money selling real estate as a real estate agent. It takes time to fix and flip homes, but much of that time is managing contractors who are repairing the homes. If you can get great contractors who can manage the repairing process without a lot of oversight, it takes minimal time to manage a flip. I spend most of my time finding properties below market value and looking at potential deals. It takes some time to list and sell a home, but not as much time as it takes to list a REO of someone else’s home. I don’t have to contact anyone else or complete any tasks, because it is my house and I get to make all the decisions.

I have a lot of fun fix and flipping homes

One of the things I love about fix and flipping homes is it is fun. It is really cool seeing a crappy old house turn into a nicely updated house that someone would be proud to live in. There are up and downs in the business and there are always unexpected costs, but it is all worth it. I have come to expect at least one major unexpected cost on my fix and flips, and I always budget for about $5,000 of unknown costs. I am to the point now where I have 5 to 10 fix and flips at one time. I know some of the properties will do great and others will have issues. Overall the good ones will make up for the bad fix and flips.

It is also really fun receiving one big check when I sell a fix and flip. I talk about how your money attitude will help you be successful, well big checks really help your money attitude. Since I am putting 25% down on my fix and flips and paying for the repairs, I usually see checks at closing larger than the profit I am making.

Fix and flipping has allowed me to buy more rental properties

It takes a lot of cash to fix and flip homes. Even with a hard money-lender, you will need some of your own cash to make a deal work well. I have saved much of the money I make fix and flipping to use for future fix and flip purchases and repairs. I also have used much of the money I have made fix and flipping to buy more rental properties. Even though fix and flipping makes a lot of money in the short-term, rental properties will keep producing income as long as I own them. The income from rental properties is also much cheaper, because you pay fewer taxes on rental property income than you do on fix and flips.

Fix and flipping is less stressful than most real estate

This may not be true for everyone, especially if you are working on your first fix and flip. For me I love fix and flipping because I have control of the entire process. I am the owner of the home and I can make the discussions on price, what to repair and how to handle any tricky situations that may come up. When I am listing homes for other people or banks, I have a seller I always have to answer to. I have to run any situation by that seller and help them make the best decisions. That is not always easy to do, especially with some banks. Because I have complete control of the fix and flipping process, it is actually much less stressful than selling houses for other people.


I love fix and flipping and will continue to do it for the foreseeable future. I love the little time that is needed from me, the money they produce and the process itself. I love the other parts of my real estate business as well, and I think it is very important to have multiple streams of income. Right now my REO listings are way down, because there is so little REO in our area, but my fix and flips have done great.

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