Do not Let Retirement Pass You By. Rental Properties Take the Guesswork Out of Investing.

For first time real estate investors who work a full time job to experienced investors who want to maximize their returns. The Blueprint will help you create passive income with rental properties allowing you to retire early your chase your dreams.

If you any questions please email me at This is my email and I respond personally to all emails. 

The Step By Step 300 page physical book comes with 4 audio CDs, email coaching, live conference calls, video modules, a money back guarantee and much more. The materials and coaching teach the average man or woman how to build passive income with or without a lot of money.

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Why Should you Let me Help You?

  • I am not an internet marketer, I am an investor. As of July 2015 I have 15 rental properties and a 14th under contract. I have flipped over 100 houses since 2001 and I run a real estate team of 8 who sell close to 200 houses every year.
  • I am in a market in Colorado that is incredibly competitive and I am still buying flips and rental properties. I bought two rentals in March 2015 and have five flips in progress. I have been an investor for many years, I know how to invest in an up or down market.
  • I also have been featured on Zillow, Realtor Magazine,, Bigger Pockets and many other financial and real estate web sites. Investing in real estate is my specialty and I would love to help you any way I can.
My most recent rental bought for $133,000 and will be worth $185,000 after repairs

My most recent rental bought for $133,000 and will be worth $185,000 after repairs


  • This product is for people who want a better way to retire with real estate, but don’t have a clue how to get started.
  • This product is for people who want a head start on life by buying real estate young and letting it grow into something big.
  • This product is for people who never saved for retirement, but realized time is running out and the stock market may not give them the results they need.
  • This product is for those that have always wanted to buy rental properties, but were never able to save enough money for a 20% down payment. (You don’t have to have a lot of money to invest in rentals and create a better life!)
  • This product is for those that already own rental properties, but need expert advice on how to invest better, create higher returns and make more money!

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In 3 Months Some Of My Students Are Already Collecting Their First Check Of Over $1,000/Month!

The Complete Blueprint For Successful Real Estate
Investing Will Walk You Through:

  • Why rental properties are such an awesome investment and way to retire early
  • Learn why leveraging your money safely will get you higher returns and more passive income
  • Learn the best price points to invest in for your goals
  • How to save money to invest in rentals
  • Why the younger you are, the more money you can make with rentals
  • Learn why cash flow is your best friend how to calculate it and how to use my calculators
  • Why buying below market value is so important and how to do it
  • How much money you can make with rental properties
  • How to buy with less than 20 percent down
  • How to buy with no money down
  • Why rental properties are not as risky as you think if bought right
  • How to decide what a good deal is and what a good rental is
  • How to accurately calculate cash flow with maintenance and vacancies
  • How to figure out how much money you need in reserves to protect your investment!

$500 a month cash flow bought March 2015

$500 a month cash flow bought March 2015

  • How to repair properties, how to find contractors, what to repair and what not to repair
  • How to protect your rentals using LLCs and when an LLC is not worth the hassle.
  • Case Study: Fixing & Flipping – This is not all about rentals! I flip houses to generate more income to invest in rentals.
  • How to buy cheap properties with great cash flow!
  • My secret on “handling multiple offer situations” Don’t get discouraged by competition!
  • How to make an offer that will get accepted
  • How to buy a REO and what to look out for
  • How to buy a HUD home and that challenges that come with government owned homes
  • Why becoming a real estate agent can save you tens of thousands of dollars a year

$1,000 a month cash flow bought December 2010

$1,000 a month cash flow bought December 2010

  • How to find short sales and what to expect during the buying process
  • How to use real estate tax laws to your advantage!
  • Learn how to find a great Realtor who will work in your best interest and not theirs
  • How to invest in long-distance properties
  • How to Buy off market properties
  • How to finance more than four mortgages when you are building an empire
  • How to maximize returns using refinances, lines of credit, hard money, private money and more
  • How to find investor friendly banks
  • Mortgage payoff strategies for aggressive and conservative approaches
  • How you can use your Self-Directed IRA to invest in Real Estate
  • How to find property managers that will take care of your properties and find great tenants
  • How to manage a property yourself to save money

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 CD’s and MP3’s INCLUDED



I’ve essentially taken every question I’ve been asked and compiled them over time along with my experience and what I wish I knew when I started and created this step by step guide.

Complete Blueprint for Successful Real Estate Investing

The Complete Real Estate Investing Blueprint Is About Getting You Results, Not Just Teaching You More Information

  • Included are live conference calls every two weeks so you can get your personal questions answered and AVOID losing money on bad deals.
  • The guide comes with calls to action that make you take action. This is not about teaching you everything you need to know, but getting you out in the field taking action!
  • Learn from questions asked by other real estate investors and gain insights that will save you money and time.
  • Get personal email support from me to help you evaluate what are great deals and which properties to stay away from.
  • Get access to PREMIUM video and conference call content from the past year as being apart of the Complete Blueprint For Successful Real Estate Investing community to learn from past students questions, experiences and mistakes to avoid your own.

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Here are some testimonials from some of my students who saw the incredible value and purchased the Complete Blueprint for Successful Real Estate Investing.

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I want to give you every assurance that this blueprint and program isn’t just something I threw together… These are proven methods I use to build more passive income every year and if you work through them, you’ll earn more passive income than you could ever earn from your job.

What Is Included When I Buy The Complete Blueprint For Successful Real Estate Investing?

  1. Orientation Checklist: Ensuring you get the most out of the product.
  2. Over 80 chapters and 11 sections on the most important factors of investing. (Worth $400)
  3. Live conference call every two weeks for six months  (Worth $1,200)
  4. Personal Email Coaching for six months – Email me about ANYTHING, ANYTIME (Worth $600)
  5. Video modules for each chapter (Worth $200)
  6. Calls to action that give you specific tasks to start investing now (Worth $200)
  7. Over 200 minutes of CD recordings or MP3’s on real estate investing tips and tricks meant to enhance your learning (Worth $200)
  8. Deal analysis: I will help you analyze deals through the forum or directly through email. I will let you know if I think it is a good deal and help you learn how to determine the right numbers to know. (Worth $1,200)
  9. Free copy of all my books “Fix and Flip your Way to Financial Freedom” (Worth $50)
  10. My Personal Real Estate Goal Setting Guide (Worth $50)
  11. Access to the members only forum which includes all past conference calls as well as video modules so you can review all questions and answers from previous students (Worth $500)

The total package of everything combined is worth well over $4,560!


I thought about offering this product to people at over $1,000 because of the incredible value it offers you and the time commitment it takes from me. Remember I am still investing and buying houses every month! But I really wanted to make this easy you.


I want you to avoid huge headaches and costly mistakes. This course will literally save you hundreds of hours chasing your tail trying to figure out investing on your own.


This program will save you much more money than it costs. If you buy a bad house you can lose thousands and thousands of dollars from expensive repairs. If you buy a house without cash flow it can hamper your investing goals for years. If you get the wrong house under contract and it does not close you will waste money on an inspection ($400), an appraisal ($500), and possibly your earnest money ($1,000’s)


This course is less than $400 or ⅕ of the amount of money you would lose by going into contract with the wrong house. The Complete Guide For Successful Real Estate Investing will not only save you thousands of dollars, but will also save you months, if not years of time and financial headache.


That being said, I’m not sure how much longer I’ll keep this price this low.

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I should be asking much more, because I’m handing you some of the most valuable information and action guides. It takes a lot of my time and energy to answer emails, prepare for coaching calls and help people as much as possible.

If we get too many customers, I will have to raise the price or stop selling the Blueprint to keep myself sane and to be fair to the people who buy.


This guide lays everything out for you that you could be submitting offers on your first profitable rental house within the first 90 days!

This Offer Is Not For Everyone

Listen, this offer is not for everyone and only you can decide if it’s right for you.


If you are the kind of person that believes you will find one “magic product” that will do all the work for you…..


Then this blueprint is NOT for you.


If however, you are the kind of person who needs structure, someone to help them make important decisions, and needs a step by step guide on when and what to do, then this is the system you need.


This is not a get rick quick scheme. I am not promising you will make millions without any investment of time or money. Building passive income takes time, patience, hard work and a detailed plan. This program will not only help you make a plan, it will help you do it faster, help you avoid pitfalls along the way and give you someone to bounce ideas off when you get stuck.

Money Back Guarantee

I guarantee you’ll find the blueprint valuable, really valuable, or I’ll give you all $397 back and let you keep your copy of the blueprint.


You don’t even have to send anything back. Just email me or call the number on your receipt and I’ll give you back your money with no questions asked.

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To Your Success,
Mark Ferguson


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