The Complete Blueprint For Successful Real Estate Investing

Blueprint Cover Square ArticlesDo you want to invest in rental properties or fix and flips, but don’t know where to start?  After months of work and constant revisions, I have completed The Complete Blueprint for Successful Real Estate Investing!  The Blueprint was created to help you take your first steps to start investing in real estate and to help you continue to build a real estate empire.  Every real estate market is different and there is not a best way to buy real estate.  The blueprint helps you create your own strategy in your own market.

The Complete Blueprint For Successful Real Estate Investing

Why did I create a product to help people invest in real estate?

Invest Four More has a ton of great information and I really appreciate all the support and comments from everyone.  People are asking me all the time where to find certain articles and it can be overwhelming trying to read all the articles in blog format.  I have had people ask me if I offer coaching as well and I have people ask me where do I start investing and is this a good deal?  This blueprint is meant to help investors solve these problems and more!

What does the blueprint consist of?

  • 230 page PDF:  The heart of the blueprint is a 230 page PDF that includes over 60 chapters and 10 sections on the most important factors of investing.  This PDF is put together in order for what you need to know first to last.  This PDF is written much like my blog; to the point.  There is not a bunch of fluff or add-ins to increase the length.
  • Calls to action that give you direction:  Not only does the PDF include a lot of great information, each section comes with a “call-to-action” that gives you the exact steps needed to investing in real estate.  Even if you don’t think you’ll be ready to invest for five years, there are things you can do now to get involved in the game.  The calls-to-action help you discover your own investing strategy, learn your market, build a plan and execute that plan. Most importantly, these calls-to-action get you applying what you learn as you learn. So this is not a passive product!
  • Audio accompanies each chapter:  Besides the 230 page PDF and the call-to-actions, each section comes with audio messages from me outlining the content and helping detail the calls-to-action.  The audio reinforces the key points to each section, reinforces the call to actions and gives extra insights into my strategies and investing.
  • Calculators: With the PDF, call to actions and audio, I also include information on exactly how to use the cash flow and cash on cash calculators that we just introduced on Invest Four More.  I give instructions on how to use these tools to develop and enhance your investing.
  • Personal Coaching: Along with the PDF, call to actions, audio, and calculators, I include personal coaching with this blueprint. The coaching comes in the form of a custom-made forum just for customers who purchase the blueprint or direct email to me.  I will help with deal analysis, finding a team, finding properties and much more.  I also urge everyone to send the results of their call to actions to me personally to see how you are progressing and what can be improved.

What is included in the personal coaching?

I am a very experienced real estate investor.  I have been a licensed agent since 2001, I own 11 rental properties (July 2014) and I have 9 fix and flips going as of July 2014.  I am happy to help people with anything they want, it is not limited to rental properties. I will share my advice on fix and flips, being a real estate or even personal improvement.  I have been a student of Jack Canfield coaching and love to read about improving my attitude and system.  I love goals, being positive, learning to be stress free and I happy to hare anything I have learned with my students.  There is no additional program you have to buy to get this coaching, it is included in the Blueprint.

What exactly is included in the PDF guide?

This is not a “how to” guide on investing just like me (although I do show you exactly what I do).  This a blueprint for how to build your own strategy.  Every market and need is different and buying houses exactly like I do is impossible, because every deal and market is not the same.  This blueprint is meant to teach you the knowledge and skills needed to create your own strategy and implement it in your own or preferred market.

The PDF includes information on;

  • Determining a rental strategy so you know what will work best in your market or the market you want to invest in.
  • Picking a location so you know you are getting the best possible return on the hard-earned money you are investing.
  • Picking a type of property so you can make the most cash flow possible.
  • Picking a price for properties so you can buy the most properties with the best rent to price ratio.
  • Buying property so you know you are getting the best deal possible.
  • Finding deals so you can get best price on the best properties before other investors.
  • Making offers so that you aren’t wasting time or leaving money on the table.
  • Finding a Realtor so you do not waste time on a real estate agent who doesn’t know how to work with investors.
  • Finding a property manager so your properties are taken care of and you make the most money.
  • Renting a home so you find the best tenants who will not trash your property.
  • Repairing a home so that you find the best contractors who will not rip you off.
  • Selling a home so that you do not leave money on the table or miss an opportunity.
  • Calculating cash flow so that you don’t find yourself losing money every month on a property.
  • Financing properties so you can continue to qualify and buy multiple properties.
  • Financing more than four, ten or twenty properties so you don’t run into a roadblock when building an empire.
  • Paying off properties so that you can maximize the returns on your money.
  • Buying as many properties as you can so that you can retire as soon as possible.
  • Setting goals so that you are motivated and follow through on everything you need to do.
  • Being positive so that you can break through the plateaus and reach huge milestones.
  • Building a team so that you don’t have to do all the work yourself.
  • Managing time so that you have more time with your family and less time working.
  • Much, much more!

Money back guarantee!

If you do not like the blueprint for any reason, simple send me an email and I will refund your entire purchase price.  The only catch is you have to let me know within 30 days of when you purchase the product.  I want you to be happy with the information and tools provided.

What does the blueprint cost?

The regular list price for the blueprint is $399, but I am offering sales all the time so be sure to check out the product page to see the current discount (right now the price is $199).  I look forward to working with investors to help them learn and improve their investing strategies.  I hope one of those investors can be you!  If you have any questions or concerns please email me at

Buy Now: The Complete Blueprint for Successful Real Estate Investing


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Licensed real estate agent in Greeley Colorado since 2001 specializing in REO and HUD Homes. Owns 10 long-term rental properties and completes 10-15 fix and flips a year.

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2 comments on “The Complete Blueprint For Successful Real Estate Investing
  1. Alex says:

    Hello Mark,

    I am a new member to your website and I thoroughly appreciate all the help and free advice you are able to give back to the community. I am currently a college student in my last year of college (Business Management) and am looking towards getting a job and then starting rental properties as my own side business. One day in the future, I hope to slowly migrate to working for myself just like a lot of people. As a poor college student, is there any way you can point me into the right direction of where to get started or even how to get started? I have read numerous articles on your website as well as others and, honestly, I am almost clueless on where to start! I know what I want, but is there any advice you can offer me? Your PDF file seems to be something I would want to invest in, but college has left me in mountains of debt. I hope you can point me in the right direction.



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