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I have written five eBooks on real estate investing and real estate agents. The books are all under $10 and available on Amazon or the Invest Four More store as PDFs. I try to make my books easy to read and packed full of great information. In 2015 I had a goal to rewrite all of my eBooks to make sure they are high quality and as valuable as possible. I have already completed rewrites on How to Get Financing on Multiple Rental Properties and Fix and Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom. I just finished a rewrite on How to Make it Big in Real Estate, which is a book about becoming a successful real estate agent. The book is free on Amazon today through Thursday this week only (4/7-4/9)!

What is How to Make it Big in Real Estate about?

How to Make it Big in Real Estate is all about becoming a real estate agent. I have been an agent since 2001 and I now run a team of 8 and we sell close to 200 homes every year. When I first started out as a Realtor I had a tough time my first five years. I drifted along chasing online leads and spending most of my marketing money on companies that promised to send me awesome listing opportunities, that ended up being not very awesome.

I discovered the world of REO listings around 2007 and my entire career changed. I found my niche and became extremely successful. I was able to hire help and other agents and now the agents on my team sell most of the houses and I can concentrate on other ventures like investing or the blog.

This book is not about how to get REO listings, although I do touch on that subject. This book is how to get started in the real estate business as a beginner or improve your current business with proven techniques anyone can use. In the last couple years REO listings have decreased greatly in my area and I have concentrated on training my team. They are not listing REOs, but working with traditional buyers and sellers and doing extremely well.

One of my agents made over $100,000 in his first year he was licensed. Another agent is on his way to making over $100,000 in his first year being licensed. These results are not typical and it is not easy to make that kind of money right off the bat. This book will give you a plan on how to get started in the business and create success right away. The book also discusses many of the basics about being an agent, how much money they make, how long it takes to be an agent, what is the best way to get your license and much more.

Why is the book free?

I have done this with a couple of other books, but I am trying to get more reviews on Amazon so my book ranks higher on their site. The higher my book ranks, the more people will discover me and the blog. Please get a copy of the book for free and if you enjoyed it, I would love for you to leave me a five star review.

To leave a review you have to go back to the page you bought the book from and click on the link that says leave a review right by all the little yellow starts under the title. If you have already bought one of my books from Amazon or got a free copy I would love for you to leave a review as well. How to Make it Big in Real Estate will only be free April 7th through April 9th as Amazon gives me a limited amount of days to run a promotion.

Fix and Flip your way to Financial Freedom is free for two days!

I have two free promotion days left with Amazon for Fix and Flip your way to Financial Freedom and it will be free today (4/7) and tomorrow (4/8). Make sure you grab a copy of that book if you do not already have one and leave me a review as well.


I want to thank everyone for there support and questions. The blog is still growing like crazy and the site revamp has been a success, although it had a few bugs. I am coming out with a brand new real estate agent product that is almost ready! it will be similar to the Complete Blueprint for Successful Real Estate Investing and will come with Audio CDs, conference calls and personal coaching. It takes a long time to put these courses together, but it should be ready in two weeks or less!

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