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Hi, Welcome to InvestFourMore! My name is Mark Ferguson and I created this site to chronicle my real estate career and investments. I also teach people as much as I can about getting out of the rat race, making a lot of money, saving a lot of money and building passive income.

If you have spent time on the site you will notice it is huge and it can be confusing where to begin. If you look on the top right of the site you will see the main menu with these options:

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I believe you have to save money to get ahead in life. That does not mean you have to live frugally for 40 years in hopes you can save enough to retire for a few years before you die.

I want the most out of my life and I have used real estate and investing to pull myself ahead of the pack. It is not easy and there is no get rich quick scheme, but I believe real estate is one of the best ways anyone can get ahead.

I work hard to make as much money as I can and I save a lot of it. I have 16 rental properties that I bought with 20 percent down each. I also like to enjoy life and have a nice house and cars. I save a lot, but I also spend money on things that make me happy. Our attitudes and they way we think have a huge impact over our success.

I have big goals and big plans and I know that is not for everyone. If you want to get a sample of some of my work check out:

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I also have many detailed articles on the intricacies of investing and being a real estate agent. I don’t just write about success stories, I show you how to do it.

The complete guide to listing REO properties

The ultimate guide to flipping homes

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If you are interested in

The site has a lot of visitors, but I pride myself in personally answering emails and connecting with people as much as I can. When you join my email lists the emails you get are from my email account. Simply reply back to them and you will be sending an email directly to me.