Rental Property, Flipping and Real Estate Agent Videos

Over the last month I have started to film many more videos for InvestFourMore. In the past I have filmed my rental properties and fix and flips, but I have not filmed many videos on specific investing topics or what I do during the day. I am going to start recording a lot of videos in the office, at home, at flips I buy, at new rental properties (hopefully) and even in the Lamborghini. I have recorded five new videos in the last week and they are all available on my YouTube channel.

Why am I recording so many videos on real estate investing?

I learned YouTube is now the number two search engine! I can reach a much larger audience by using video and my blog posts together. Many people also learn better by watching videos than they do reading. I will continue to write new articles every week, but I will also be adding new videos every week as well. I hope the videos offer a different perspective, let you see more of who I am and what I am doing and are entertaining. Below is a video I recorded in the Lamborghini this week.

Matching real estate articles with video content

The video in the Lamborghini was an unscripted discussion about what was going on that day. I talked about the car, fix and flips and even registering for preschool. I also want to record and have started recording specific videos for some of my most important articles. I have recorded videos on:

How can you see all the videos I create?

I am not going to create a new post for every email, so if you have subscribed to InvestFourMore to get new article updates you won’t get an email for every video. If you want to subscribe to the page to get new article updates, free eBooks and a few more free items, please sign up on the top right of the page in the giant red box. I try to past every video on the InvestFourMore Facebook page, which you can like here. Every video will be on my YouTube channel as well, which you can subscribe to here. If you want to make sure my posts show up in your Facebook feed make sure you hit the “like” button on them. Many people do not know this, but Facebook does not show you every post from your friends and like pages. It only shows you posts it thinks you are interested in; you have to like or comment on posts you find interesting.

Videos on fix and flips and rental properties

I will continue to film properties I am buying or have bought. I have not been taking as many videos on flips as I should be, but I will do a better job. I have a new flip under contract set to close in February and I am selling three flips in the next two weeks. I have a before and after video on a flip that is currently for sale below. This was quite the flip and I spent at least $60,000 on the renovations.

Below is the last rental property I bought after the rehab.

Videos on houses that I am buying

I shot a cool video yesterday on a house that was a giant mess. The house was over 7,500 square feet with over an acre and was priced below $200,000. The home probably needed gutted and still is not worth much, because of the location and layout. I am happy to share this video since I am not going to buy it and I am going to shoot videos on some of the weird stuff I see. I probably won’t shoot videos on houses I may buy, but are not under contract since I don’t want to lose a deal to any of my followers!

Videos on being a real estate agent

I also want to include some videos on being a real estate agent and especially being a REO agent. I recorded a video last week on my way to a new REO assignment that I had not seen yet. I think it was pretty cool to see what it is like to pull up to a new REO assignment that may or may not be occupied and you have no idea what condition it is in. I would love to shoot some videos on the more interesting assignments I have gotten. I also have a video series on what it takes to make $100,000 a year as a real estate agent and you can get access to those videos when you subscribe to the blog.

Private videos on real estate investing

I have also recorded a number of videos for products I offer. I recorded a series of videos for the Complete Blueprint to Successful Real Estate Investing, which are only available to Blueprint customers. The videos detail exactly how to invest in real estate and how to get started in your market. I also include over 4 hours of audio CDs, a 300 page guide and a conference call with the Blueprint.


I hope you enjoy the videos and I will continue to create new videos every week. Be sure to subscribe to YouTube or like our Facebook page if you want to see more. I also update the Facebook page often with what is going as far as flips, writing offers and other interesting things in the real estate investing world.