Do Landlords Help Society or are they Evil?

What Would Real Estate Look Like Without Landlords

There has been a growing movement to get rid of landlords across the world as people ask themselves, “Are landlords evil inherently?” Many people think landlords make money off of a basic human right and those people believe that is wrong. A lot of people also think that landlords are buying up all the properties … Read more

How to Sell Your House Fast For Cash in Northern Colorado

I am an investor in Greeley Colorado who buys from 20 to 30 properties a year (commercial and residential). I have been buying and selling properties for almost 20 years and know the area and market very well. I am also a real estate broker and agent who owns Blue Steel Real Estate, but I … Read more

How to Live for Free by House Hacking

House Hacking

House hacking involves buying a multifamily property, living in one unit, and renting out the other units. House hacking can be a great way to start buying rental properties because you can buy with low-money-down owner-occupant loans and still collect rent right away. House hacking can make it much easier to buy multiple rentals quickly … Read more

Real Estate Investing Calculators

Real estate is all about the numbers. Over the years, I have developed calculators that help with my investing and share those on this page. We have made calculators for cash flow, cash on cash return, BRRR, inflation, 1031 exchange, the 70% rule, and more. We are constantly adding new calculators so be sure to … Read more

150: Update on My Brokerage, Flips, and Rentals

On my 150th episode of The InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast, I go over my business, which has been a little crazy lately. I started a new real estate brokerage in April, which we have been getting up and running, and I have been remodeling a new space. I am still flipping a lot of houses, … Read more

149: Christopher Watters – Creating a Million Dollar Real Estate Team

On this episode of the InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast, I interview Christopher Watters, who started Watters International Realty. Christopher started out in the real estate business at a young age, but it took him a while to find his niche as a real estate broker. He obtained his real estate license right after college but … Read more

147: Follow-Up with Hawaii Real Estate Investor Dean Ueda

I interviewed Dean Ueda on the InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast in 2016. We talked about how he has invested in rental properties in the mainland US while living in Hawaii. Dean also was getting his real estate license and had a couple of properties in Hawaii. On this podcast, we talk to Dean again about … Read more

146: Super Successful Wholesaler with 24 Year-Old Ryan Dossey

On this week’s episode of the InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast, I interview Ryan Dossey. Ryan is a super-successful wholesaler and an investor. Ryan got started in real estate at a very young age and has found incredible success. He is only 24 and has set up a wholesaling business and bought many rentals. Ryan has … Read more

145: Moving into my New Real Estate Brokerage

I started Blue Steel Real Estate last week. It has been an exciting and slightly stressful process. We opened earlier than we thought we would open, but everything has worked out extremely well, and I am glad things happened the way that they did. On this episode of the InvestFourMore Podcast, I talk about the move, … Read more

143: What is an Automated Investment Fund? With Ray Sturm

On this week’s episode of the InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast, I interview Ray Sturm, who was one of the founders of Realty Shares and is the current CEO and founder of Alphaflow. Alphaflow is a company that brings a brand new investing concept to the market. They invest in hard-money loans that are typically used … Read more