My Real Estate Goals for 2023 and a Recap of 2022

My Real Estate Goals for 2023 and a Recap of 2022

I love setting goals, trying to accomplish them, and usually failing miserably! I say that in a joking manner but I really don’t mind not accomplishing all of my goals because that is not what goals are for. Goals are to help you do better and go farther than you would have gone without them. … Read more

My Real Estate Goals for 2022 and a Recap of 2021

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Every year I set goals for myself and my business. I also post those on this blog and on my social media accounts as well. This keeps me accountable for my goals and helps me pay attention to them all year round. I like to make huge goals that are very exciting to me and … Read more

Why It Is Okay to Have Big Dreams

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The world has become full of people telling us how to live our lives. How to spend our money, how to save it, what career to get, and what we should dream about. I can’t stand it when people tell others exactly how they should live! We are all different and we all have different … Read more

My Real Estate Goals for 2020 and a Recap of 2019

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Every year I list my major goals for the upcoming year on this blog. It helps me stay accountable and makes me focus on creating awesome goals because I know thousands of people will be seeing them! I also go over the previous years’ goals and how I did. Every year I learn more and … Read more

How to Set Great Goals for Real Estate

Set big goals!

Setting goals for real estate has helped me become more successful in life, and especially, in real estate. I complete 10 to 30 flips a year, own more than 20 rentals, own a real estate brokerage, started this blog, have published 8 books, and have multiple exotic cars. A lot of those things I accomplished … Read more

My Real Estate Goals for 2014; House Flips and Rentals

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I am a big believer in big goals and big plans. What better way to hold myself accountable for those goals than to write about them publicly! A few days ago I wrote about my goals and accomplishments in my amazing 2013. Now it is time to go over my plans and goals for 2014. … Read more

My Goals and Accomplishments for 2018 and 2019

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Every year I write about what my goals were for the previous year and how close I came to accomplishing them. I also write about what my goals are for the next year. 2018 was crazy, with many huge things happening that I discuss in this article. Writing these articles is great to show myself … Read more

Update on My Real Estate Goals for 2018

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2018 is more than halfway done, and I thought it would be a great time to update everyone on what has gone on in my real estate world. I set goals every year, and one of my challenges is making sure I am reviewing and paying attention to those goals. It is easy to get … Read more

My Goals for 2018 and a Recap of 2017 Goals and Accomplishments

Every year, I write a post detailing my goals for the next year and reviewing how I did with the previous year’s goals. I have written articles over the last three years that included some huge goals. I achieved many of these goals, and many of them I did not. I actually am just fine … Read more

My Real Estate Goals for 2017 and a Review of 2016

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I have many big goals for 2017, and I had a very eventful and exciting 2016. I made many big goals for 2016, some I reached and some I did not. I never get disappointed when I do not reach my goals, because I know I do better with big goals, rather than easy goals. … Read more

My Real Estate Goals for 2016 and Recap of 2015


I am a huge believer in setting goals to help myself achieve more in life and in business. I love to make big real estate goals that are tough to achieve because I know they will help me accomplish more. Because I set really big goals, I do not always accomplish everything I set out … Read more