What Can Real Estate Investor Association Clubs Teach You?

What Can Real Estate Investor Association Clubs Teach You

Real estate investor association clubs can be a great way to find amazing deals. The clubs offer numerous educational opportunities and networking opportunities as well. The groups can be free, or some have a membership fee. Like anything in life, you get what you put into it. If you are willing to go to meetups, … Read more

Can Foreigners Invest in United States Real Estate?

Can Foreigners Invest in United States Real Estate

The United States has one of the best markets for investing in real estate in the world. Prices are relatively cheap, financing is usually simple, and the laws are clear on who owns the land. Many foreigners want to invest in US real estate but do not know where to start. There are no restrictions … Read more

How to Find and Buy a House From a Wholesaler

How to find a Wholesaler

I buy a lot of investment properties from the MLS, but I also buy from wholesalers and other sources. It took some time to find good wholesalers or let them find me, but it was worth it. It can be frustrating because there are a lot of people who call themselves wholesalers who will never … Read more

Is It Smart to Buy a Fixer Upper or Run-Down House?

smart to buy a fixer upper

I have bought many houses that needed work. I flip houses, own rentals, and have bought multiple houses to live in. Some of the houses I have bought needed minor repairs, some were major fixer-uppers, and some were not run down at all. It is my business to buy houses and repair them or rent … Read more

How to Buy a Foreclosure From Auctions or Banks

how do foreclosures work?

Getting a great deal on houses is key to my real estate investment strategy. Buying a house from a foreclosure auction is one way to get a great deal, but it comes with risk. You can also buy foreclosures from the MLS (multiple listing service), which are often called REOs. It is even possible to … Read more

How to Find a Great Real Estate Agent Who Is Investor Friendly

investor friendly agent

Finding a real estate agent is not difficult, but finding a great real estate agent takes much more work. The difference between a mediocre agent and a great agent can mean thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to a buyer or seller. While it may not seem like real estate agents do much, real … Read more

What Is a Home Appraisal and How Much Do they Cost?

When you get a loan on a house, most lenders will require an appraisal. An appraisal is a report that assigns a value to the home and tells the lender that the house is worth what you’re paying for it. If the appraisal comes in lower than the contract price or the appraiser requires repairs … Read more

A Beginners Guide to Buying Your First Home

first time home buyer

Most people have the dream of buying their first house. It is a huge accomplishment! However, many people do not have any idea of what they are doing when they buy their first house. They rely on their real estate agent, their lender or bank, and the title company or attorney to do everything for … Read more

How To Purchase Property Below Fair Market Value

How to get a deal on an investment property

I bought more than 30 properties last year, and I bought all of them below market value. I bought houses to flip and properties to hold as rentals. One of the greatest advantages of real estate is that you can buy it for less than it is worth. Every piece of property is different. Real … Read more

How to Find and Buy Deals on the MLS

houseflip_9 from the MLS

While many people say you can’t do it, it is definitely possible to find a great deal on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), but it takes patience and work. I sold 26 house flips last year in Colorado, and I bought most of those deals from the MLS. Many markets are seeing rising prices and … Read more

How to Find and Buy Non-Performing Notes

Buying non-performing loans or notes is a great way to invest in real estate. Non-performing loans are loans that the borrower is behind on or has stopped making payments. In the past, banks would foreclosure on these loans and sell the property attached to the loan, but now banks are selling these notes without foreclosing. Since the notes … Read more

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