Taking Cues from the Kardashians in Marketing Real Estate

The stars of Keeping Up with the Kardashians are inspirations not just in fashion but in business as well. Their brand effectively reaches out to multiple demographics making their clothing lines, cosmetics, and other endeavours a huge success.

The Kardashian name alone already has a big impact to the masses. Despite the negative reports said about them, their name continues to circulate around the globe. Unintentionally, people market their brand without even meaning to. The marketing style of the Kardashians are impeccable, thus the growing amount of real estate investors following their tracks.

Wider Target Market

Kardashians are not only queens of real-life television shows. They also earn their net worth from multiple ventures that they have established. The combined profit of their clothing, makeup, and other subsidiaries make up their total fortune. The more niches they enter, the wider their scope for possible profit.

In real estate, prospect buyers these days prefer to have their options open from luxury apartments to cosy town houses. Gone are the days when companies focused on one specific market alone. The expense is circulated among the products providing multiple channels that supply the profit.

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Likewise, expanding the coverage of marketing techniques used will boost the influence of a brand to its target audience. Social media is one of the leading channels used today. It covers the different classes that use the diverse platforms available.

Media Marketing Scheme

Photos and text content are not the only convincing techniques anymore. Kardashians utilize video marketing to promote themselves and their brand. Their reality TV is their best asset in this marketing technique. The more people see of them and the more people see them using their products, the better their statistics will be. The little clips give a window for the target audience to have a sneak peak of what it’s like to be a part of the family. It convinces people to actually patronize what they have in store.

The Kardashian ladies connect with their target market in a way that they still take control of what the audience sees. The videos influence the people to believe that that’s everything about the Kardashians without realizing that they have actual full access on what gets to be released. This is a smart move in a business. It makes clients feel as if they are fully equipped with ample knowledge without knowing there’s still more to the product.

Above all, the best method of a Kardashian-style of marketing is making a personal appeal. All the Kardashian family members try to earn the sympathy and attention of the audience with their posts and statements. They make people invest on their story and subsequently invest on their brand. The more they put something personal out there, the more number of soft spots they hit among their clients.

Kardashians are very clever with their marketing style. It is quite a smart technique that can change the trajectory of real estate sales and other businesses. A business can shine like a star with the marketing style of a Kardashian.


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