Quick Start Rental Property Video Training

Learn Exactly How I Have Consistently Made 15 to 20 Percent Cash on Cash Returns on My Rental Properties!

Investing in rental properties is not easy! It takes time, work and dedication to become a successful investor. These videos tell you what is involved, how to do it and how to do it correctly based off my experience and mistakes I have made over the last 15 years.

  1. Rental property investment Power Point presentation – 40 minutes long
  2. Rental property management Power Point presentation – 24 minutes long
  3. How I buy my rental properties and fix and flips video 30 percent or more below market value – 56 minutes long

1. Rental Property Investment Video Training Presentation 40 minutes long

  • Why rental properties are better than the stock market
  • Why rental properties are the best way to retire
  • Why leverage is the best way to invest in rentals
  • How the tax laws work with rentals and why they are so advantageous
  • Why cash flow is so important and how to properly figure it
  • How rentals guard against inflation
  • The best way to buy rental properties
  • How to buy below market value
  • How to finance multiple rental properties

2. Rental Property Management Video Training 24 minutes long

  • What it takes to manage a property yourself
  • Should you make repairs yourself or hire a contractor?
  • How to find a contractor
  • How to find tenants
  • How to get a lease
  • How to make sure your houses are taken care of by the tenants
  • How to collect rent
  • Why property managers can make your life much easier
  • Why property manager can actually make you more money
  • How to find a great property manager

3. How I Buy My Rental Properties and Fix and Flips Video Training 56 minutes long

  • How I search the MLS
  • How often I search the MLS
  • Screenshots of me searching for properties and what I look for
  • Searching hot sheets
  • Searching for aged listings and great deals
  • I explain exactly what I look for in houses as I drive to look at a listing
  • Video of me looking at a house currently on the market, looking for repairs and how to improve the property
  • I show how fast I can make an offer as an agent with a team behind me
  • I also explain how to make offers quickly without being an agent


Bonus Material

As a bonus you will get the quick start reference guide, which goes over all the information I cover in the videos. This guide will save you hours of time searching for articles on the site. Don't forget you get my Fix and Flip book as well!

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