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What Is the Best Thing about Being an Entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. Many people don’t want to take the risks or have the complete control that an entrepreneur has. For me, being an entrepreneur is perfect for my attitude and personality. When I was younger, I did not like authority, and I hated it when ...
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How Hard Is It To Get a Loan on a House Flip?

I flipped 26 houses last year and over 155 in my career. There is no way I could flip that many houses without getting loans on them. I have more financing costs when I use a loan to flip, but I make more money overall because I can flip more houses ...
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How To Live Life with Few Regrets

The things I regret most in life are not the things I tried and failed at but the things I never tried at all. I can remember many instances in my youth when I should have taken a chance and done something. Those are the moments I regret most in ...
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That One Time I Bought A Meth House that Burned Down

I just realized that I have never told the full story about the meth house my dad and I bought that burned down. We did not know it was a meth house when we bought it, but we found out soon enough, and then to top it all off, the ...
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How To Save Time when Running a Real Estate Business

Almost everyone I know wants to make more money, but we are often limited by how much time we have. I run multiple real estate businesses and constantly struggle with finding enough time for everything. We concentrate on doing our jobs and running our business but many times ignore the ...
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What is Zombie House Flipping?

Zombie house flipping is a television show on A&E, and it is also a term for houses that have been vacant for years. I was sucked into the show the other day even though I get really frustrated watching house-flipping shows. I have flipped over 155 houses and have 16 flips ...
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Has the Housing Market Slowed Down in Colorado?

I have been a real estate agent and broker in Colorado since 2002. I have also been a real estate investor in the Colorado market. I keep a close eye on real estate, and I have been wondering if the housing market slowed down in Colorado. I am in the ...
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What Is Creative Real Estate Investing?

I hear people use the term creative real estate investing all the time. Creative real estate investing can mean a lot of things, but I tend to see it when people are trying to make a deal out of a property that is not a deal. That may rub people the ...
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Someone Left a Camper in the Backyard of my House Flip

About a month ago I was checking out one of my house flips when I noticed something strange in the backyard. Someone had dropped off an extremely old and ugly camper in the backyard behind a garage. The house was being painted at the time and I thought maybe it was the ...
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