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15 or 30 year mortgage

Is a 15-Year Loan Smarter than a 30-Year Loan?

There is a general assumption that a 15-year loan is smarter than a 30-year loan. The radio, television, and Facebook will all tell you how much money you will save with a 15-year loan. The funny thing is that it is the lenders and banks that are promoting the 15-year ...
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pay off mortgage

Is It Smart to Pay Off Your Mortgage?

A lot of people subscribe to the Dave Ramsey school of thought: pay off all debts, including your mortgage, and you will be financially smart and safe. While I can see why many people think it is smart to pay off a mortgage, I have a different viewpoint. I think it ...
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Will Unaffordable Housing in the USA Cause a Housing Crash?

A lot of people are talking about how the housing market is going to crash soon. They say that housing in the United States is too unaffordable, and that will result in a downturn. I have been a real estate broker and investor since the early 2000s and have been ...
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investfourmore podcast

I am Taking a Break from the InvestFourMore Podcast

I have completed 150 podcast episodes over the last three years! It has been fun, and I have learned a ton from my guests on the show. This year, I have been dreading doing the podcast more and more. I’ve had a lot going on with the flips, the new ...
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house flip deals

How to Get More Deals When Flipping Houses or Buying Rentals

It has been tough this year finding enough deals to flip or use as rentals. I flipped 26 houses last year and planned to flip 36 this year. I have been selling many flips, but I have not been buying as many as I want to. Last week, I got ...
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rental property 18 commercial property

How I Bought a Commerical Rental Property with the BRRR Strategy

I bought my 18th rental property in October of 2017 for $292,000 using the BRRR strategy (buy, repair, rent, refinance). It was a commercial building that had 0ver 7,000 square feet. The property was vacant and had been used as a dentist office and doctors office in the past. The ...
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My personal house

Has My Personal House Been a Good Investment?

I bought my first house in 2003 when I was 23 years old. I was not very smart about buying the house, and I bought it during the peak of the market before the housing crash. I did not make much money on that house (I actually lost money), but ...
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brokerage, flips, rentals

Podcast 150: Update on My Brokerage, Flips, and Rentals

On my 150th episode of The InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast, I go over my business, which has been a little crazy lately. I started a new real estate brokerage in April, which we have been getting up and running, and I have been remodeling a new space. I am still ...
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find contractors for flips

What is the Best Way To Use Contractors to Repair Fix and Flips

I have flipped over 150 houses in my career, including 26 last year. I have worked with many contractors over the years and done the work on flips myself as well. I have learned a lot, but I am still learning and tweaking how I repair my houses. Even though ...
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