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I am a huge believer in using group settings to achieve and accomplish more. When we are using only ourselves to try to succeed we are limited by what we are focusing on. It is good to have focus, but focus can also cause us to miss opportunities that are right in front of our faces. Working in a group setting with like-minded individuals allows us to obtain multiple opinions and multiple view points about work, personal life, free time and more.


I have belonged to multiple mastermind groups and they have without a doubt made me more successful than I ever could have been on my own. The groups help me come up with new approaches to problems, gives me ideas for new products or business ventures and helps me improve everything I do.


Not only does a mastermind help me succeed by sharing my stories with others. I succeed more by hearing stories and circumstances from group members. I get ideas about how to improve what I am doing based on what others are doing. I also get to help others see what they may be missing that is right in front of their face or as our group likes to phrase it; low hanging fruit.


Why would you need a paid mastermind group?


I have been in free mastermind groups and paid mastermind groups. The paid group blew the free group out of the water. In the free group many people did not take it serious. They did not show up for calls, they did not complete their assignments and they eventually stopped participating.


When you pay for a mastermind you know the participants are serious. You know they are serious about improving themselves, their business and they will show up. You also know you are getting “high level” individuals who realize that spending money to make more money is a good thing. A 100 person free mastermind group full of people who are not successful and don’t contribute is a waste of time.


Think about the free fantasy football leagues you join or the free NCAA basketball tournament brackets you fill out. How many people don’t take those serious and ruin the fun for everyone else? When you join a paid fantasy football league you know the members are serious and the more it costs the more serious they are.


You will also be sharing information with the mastermind group that is personal and valuable. Most people want to share business information and personal information with like-minded successful people. Having a paid mastermind group ensures the members are successful and motivated.


What is a mastermind about?


  • New ideas
  • Improving current ideas and methods
  • Networking (not only with the group, but also with connections of the group)
  • Building relationships
  • Testing ideas
  • Partnerships
  • References
  • Accountability
  • Friendship
  • Much much more


What is a mastermind not about?


  • Selling to other members
  • Using personal information of other group members
  • Whining
  • Complaining


Do you have what it takes to be in the InvestFourMore Master Mind Group?


I have decided to put together a master mind group to help myself and a few select readers. I want the group to be small and have the best of the best in it. This is not an optional show up when you want to group, this requires a commitment. We will have calls every week and there will be a private Facebook page only for the group as well.


Space is extremely limited, because it does no good to have a group with 100 people in it. I am going to limit the group to a maximum of 10 amazing people.


To get started, fill out the application below. Not everyone will be accepted, I am looking for high level individuals who will contribute to the group, not just take.

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