What is service?

In real estate, service literally means the fee that is presented as a commission from posting certain properties or houses up in the market, and is usually weighed on the performance level than of the actual negotiated percentage in the beginning of the sale. The usual commission for the service provided is usually around $12,000, and in that fee is a split of half-half for the agent and the broker in charge of the property. But there are different varieties for the service charge, depending on the deal made between the agent and the client beforehand.

There are a lot of ways that transactions can be done, and it involves a clear negotiation between the client and the broker. There might be an instance wherein the seller actually found their own buyer for the property, and the agent is only responsible for legal papers and inspections as needed by law. There are several ways that can be settled in terms of the arrangement they prefer the most, in order for buyers to get rebates:

  • Agents could work with their buyer in an hourly rate to get the most of the buyer’s money.
  • Agents could offer their services in an hourly rate and take care of everything that needs to be done.
  • Agents could charge them weekly and notify them for payment.
  • Agents could simply get the fee they agreed on in the first place and move on with the sales.

But as time passes, the options for these services change and it has gotten easier for buyers and brokers to come around. They can immediately arrange their deals properly and make the sales as needed in a snap.

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