What is Condominium Hotel?

In the 1970s and 80s, condominium hotels became popular at first in the United States. This lead into numerous developments which is now known colloquially as “condo hotels”.

Many consider condo hotels basically as a hotel where a few or every single one of the rooms have been turned into apartment suites or condominium units. However, even after being sold, the rooms still remain as a part of the hotel’s inventory.

Appropriately organized, designed, and operated, a hotel guest won’t be able to see the difference between a conventional hotel room and a condominium hotel.

What Else Suits Well with Condominium Hotels?

Condo hotels are classified as a mixed-use hotel. Developers can either have this as an independent project or combined with other residential and commercial properties. To put this simply, a hotel can still have ordinary hotel rooms, which are not auctioned off to third party buyers.

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It regularly makes sense to include branded and unbranded “for sale” townhouses, fractional properties, condominiums, club and vacation proprietorship elements. A few of these components might be overhauled or serviced by the hotel or not. What’s more, obviously, a vigorous hotel mixed-use project will frequently include commercial functions, such as office, restaurant, spa, tennis, golf, marina, and other retail, game, and recreational facilities.


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