What is a title search?

In real estate, a title search is a process of investigating all public records for the purpose of determining and ratifying a property’s ownership and inspecting if there are any claims on it. It is usually conducted by real estate lawyers or a title company. They do all research works to uncover the owners, liens, loans on the property, real estate taxes due, and resolve any problems concerning the property.

Its importance when obtaining a loan

When you plan on applying for a mortgage loan to finance your purchase of a property, a title search is necessary. It is because lenders are very particular about title searches to ensure that there won’t be any issues on the property that can put their rights on your property at risk.

Whilst you can point to the home seller whenever issues on the property arise during a title search, your credibility for a loan commitment can be at stake.

Locations to search for a property title

Whilst titles are public records and can be found by anyone, professional title searchers are more adept at this kind of task. There a lot of public records where they can search for your property title and deeds.

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Some of them are the following:

  • Mortgages
  • Marriage licenses or divorce decrees
  • Court records
  • Estate filings and death certificates
  • Chain of title
  • Domestic relations
  • Cloud on the title


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