What Is a Subdivision

To understand exactly what a subdivision is in real estate, it is a portion of land that is divided from a bigger area. Basically, a land is subdivided into parcels for easier distribution, development, and space maximization, just to name a few.

Subdividing a land is a common act done by real estate agents, land developers, or builders. To create a subdivision, one will need to get a zoning permit, which is the first step to the development process before applying for a building permit. Land owners can get subdivisions usually for residential projects.

Subdivisions can be found surrounding a city with business districts. Because of their usual accessible locations, it will be convenient for their residents to commute to the city for school or work.

Subdividing the Land

For those who are planning to turn portions of land into subdivisions, here is a few things to consider before anything else:

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  • Take note of the site layout, utilities, road sites, and infrastructure that can greatly affect subdivision development.
  • Do research on the land that will be subdivided. Are there any restrictions? Is there any neighborhood property getting in the way?
  • Consider the taxes, loans, or unpaid debts that will come with the subdivided land.
  • Get in contact with the local building department to learn about zoning regulations and requirements.
  • Get a civil engineer to help survey and layout the land to identify boundaries.


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