What is a recorder?

A recorder of deeds is a government office that maintains public documents and records, especially those related to real estate ownership. The recording is the process of putting a document into official county records or real estate recording systems.

Because they are established by individual state statutes, recording systems are not used by all states and vary from one state to another.

There are more than 100 types of documents that are recorded, depending on the type of property and real estate transaction. These documents, however, do not establish ownership of a property but are used to resolve disputes between parties competing to make a claim.

The date of recording, for example, can be used to determine the timeline of ownership. It also helps determine which liens received payment first in case of mortgage liens.

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What are documents and instruments that need to be recorded?

Court orders, deeds, easements, leases of longer-term varieties, mortgages in the form of deeds of trust, and “other instruments affecting the title to real estate.”

Because recording systems vary from one state to another, it is recommended that you check with the recording division of your state and county to understand which documents must be or have been recorded.

Some states have recording acts that establish what and how official records must be recorded.


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