What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is a professional inspection of a property’s overall condition. A home’s roof structure, the foundation, interior structure, cooling and heating system, ventilation systems, plumbing system, electrical and insulation system, sewage and water disposal, and fire and safety conditions are the major parts inspected.

In addition to that, damages caused by insects, fire, flood, and other factors are also checked during the home inspection process. Oftentimes, a home inspection is done when putting the property on sale.

A home inspection service focuses on the home’s current condition in terms of its performance and livability, and not on cosmetics and add-ons such as swimming pools, spas, entertainment, and specialty systems.

Home inspection vs. home appraisal

Most people think that a home inspection and home appraisal is the same, but they are two different processes. Home inspections are done by an inspector with the required technical knowledge about the property’s structural components. On the other hand, a home appraiser’s knowledge is diversely based on her expertise on real estate valuation factors, which include the location of the property, present condition, accessibility and curb appeal.

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A home appraiser provides all valuable information about the property to both the seller and buyer. However, the main purpose of the appraiser’s duty is to protect the lender against an overpriced or an overly depreciated property. In fact, lenders depend on the appraiser’s report before granting a buyer’s loan.

While a home appraisal primarily informs the lender about the condition of the property prior to granting a loan, a home inspection is a procedure that helps to inform the buyer about the condition of the property before deciding on closing the deal.


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