House Flip 72

4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1 car garage

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Major Changes: Paint, flooring, baths, kitchen, roof, add a bedroom, make a master bedroom
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4 thoughts on “House Flip 72”

  1. Mark,

    On the rehab for this property, are you drywalling over the painted concrete walls in the basement? I noticed that and the electrical outlets for the exterior wall there and was wondering how you handle this?

    • We thought about it and have not decided yet

  2. Hi Mark,
    My name is also Mark, I’ve been following your blog for many years and I find it to be absolutely the best and more importantly HONEST resource on house flipping. I am on a lot of mailing lists from wholesalers in my area and some of the numbers they send are ridiculous! They send a house that needs $70k in work and they say repair cost is 30k, making the numbers look like the investor is going to make money.
    Anyway, one thing I’ve always been wondering is WHY do you keep using financing on these deals?
    You are obviously a millionaire, why not use your own money and save on loan costs?
    For example, on this house, how much of that $22000 carrying cost is loan origination and loan interest? I realize there is property tax and insurance, but most of that is loan cost, right?
    Not trying to count your money, but hypothetically someone who flips 26 houses per year makes roughly $700k profit. What do you do with all that cash?=) Thanks!

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