Come Join Me at the Deal Maker Charity Experience

In June I will be attending the Deal Maker Charity Even in Columbus Ohio June 18 – June 20th. I know Columbus does not seem like the prime location for a training event or real estate get together. I personally like my conferences or events I attend to be close to the ocean. However there is a very good reason the event is being held in Columbus and I am super excited to attend.

You may see a few articles about turn-key investing on the site. Basically you buy a house that is already repaired, rented and managed in another state. I have never bought a turn-key rental, but I am planning on buying one with my IRA. The company I would use to buy a turn-key rental is putting on this Deal Maker event and the turn-key property would most likely be in Columbus. Not only will I get to see the area I would be buying a house in, I get to attend some great training and network with many other investors.

Who is Mark Evans and what is the Deal Make Experience?

Mark Evans is a real estate investor who owns a turn-key rental property company. He has built himself up from basically nothing to be one of the top off market property buyers in the country. I met Mark last year at another training event in Florida along with some other high level investors. His company buys about 600 houses a year and most of them are bought off market. I have learned a ton from Mark about buying houses that are not on the MLS.

The Deal Maker charity event is a three-day mini-conference that is taught by Mark and includes a house give away at the end. Here are a few things planned at the event.

  • Classes and training on exactly how Mark buys houses off market and finds motivated sellers.
  • Live bus tour that shows the neighborhoods and places his turn-key properties are located.
  • Listen in on live seller calls so you can hear first hand the art of closing deals.
  • Watch as Mark Evans gives away a house to a deserving family with Ohio State football star Maurice Clarrett.
  • Birthday bash for Mark as he turns 37; great networking opportunities.
  • Access to software and business building materials.
  • How to use private money.
  • How to build a business that will run by itself.
  • How to build a team that will allow your business to run by itself.
  • How to work virtually from anywhere in the world (Mark spends most if his time in Florida)
  • How to make offers to motivated sellers
  • How to avoid wasting your time with unmotivated sellers.
  • How to find buyers for your deals if you want to wholesale

I mentioned I have met Mark Evans and I have seen his operation first hand. It is amazing the amount of deals he does every month, but when I met Mark in Florida he was not working the entire time. In fact he gave his full attention to our group and his team was doing all the work. I talk a lot about building a team on this site and he has taken it to another level.

What will I hope to learn or gain at the event?

I am always learning as much as I can about real estate and every time I attend a conference or an event like this I come away with a ton of new ideas. It also helps to get away from the day-to-day grind of work by leaving town and experiencing new surroundings. I always have new ideas when I go on vacation as well.

I hope to fine tune my off market buying techniques. I have bought one flip off market and listed many more houses as a real estate agent, but I should be buying much more. Part of the problem is I have not focused on the marketing for off market properties and our systems.

I want to see where my potential rental property will be located. There are not a lot places in the country where you can buy houses for under $50,000 and they will provide 15 percent returns on your money.

I want to meet other like-minded investors so I can learn from them. Whenever I go to a conference I meet really cool investors who are doing some awesome things. The more people I can meet, the more opportunities I will have and I love new opportunities.

I know a few of my investor friends from around the country will be in attendance and it will be awesome to see them again.

I also hope to meet some readers of InvestFourMore if anyone is able to make the event. I love meeting readers and sharing stories in person.

Here is a link to the event page.


I hope to meet a few of you at the event. If anyone decides to sign up and attend please let me know so I can plan ahead to meet you. If enough people sign up, maybe we can plan a mini InvestFourMore training session or dinner.