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Jeremiah Dalton - NY

A truly insightful resource for anyone looking to get into purchasing rental properties. The book goes over in-depth all aspects related the topic and even touches on many other aspects of rental properties that you would never think of originally. I highly recommend this well written and easy to read book as a foundation for yourself before going out into the investing world.

Justin Gesso - CO

I've followed Mark for years and put his strategy into place personally. He changed my perspective on not only investing, but also what's possible in life. I've watched my net worth skyrocket over the last coupe of years and enjoy the security the monthly income provides. This book covers his strategy and will give you the practical insights to start taking action now.  If you want a better future, you owe to yourself to learn from the best. 

My name is Mark Ferguson I love educating the world about investing in real estate.

Before I bought my first rental property, I knew investing in real estate was the best thing I could do with my money, but I could not save enough money, was scared I would lose money, and was constantly told rental properties were not worth the trouble by friends, family, and peers.

I knew I wanted a better life for myself - one where I didn’t have to work if I didn’t want too. A life where I could afford luxuries like vacations for my family, a nice house, the Lamborghini I had always wanted since I was a kid, and free time! 

I made some big changes in my life, attitude, and the way I invested. I stopped putting money in the stock market, bought my first rental when my wife was pregnant with twins, and started a new path. Now I have 18 rental properties, with a plan to buy 100. I have flipped over 140 houses and I run a real estate team of 9. I even bought that Lamborghini! 

I do this without sacrificing time with my beautiful wife or twins. It takes time to become successful, but it is possible with hard work, dedication, and the right attitude. I talk about everything I have been through, how to be successful in real estate, and all my current deals.

I am committed to providing you the best education, tools, and resources to start investing smartly and effectively. To your success!

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