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How to Get a Loan to Finance a House Flip

House flipping is my primary business, although I am also a real estate broker, blogger, and landlord. I flip from 20 to 30 houses per year, and there is no way I could do that without great financing. Many people ask me why I do not just pay cash for all of my flips. The … Read more

How to Flip Houses with No Money

flip with no money

It usually takes a lot of money to flip houses. You have to buy the house, pay for the repairs, pay the carrying costs, and then wait for it to sell to get your cash back out to invest again. Luckily there are ways to flip houses without much money and possibly with no money, … Read more

Does Flipping Houses Affect Your Credit?

Flipping houses is a major personal and financial decision. It is a large investment that may or may not turn a good profit. There is undoubtedly a sizeable market for flipping houses. According to ATTOM Data Solutions, there are 207,088 houses that were flipped in 2017. 138,410 separate entities (individuals and organizations) were responsible for … Read more

How to Flip a House for Profit

flip first house

House flipping can be a lucrative and fun business, but it is not easy. A lot of people get stuck trying to figure out how to flip for the first time. It takes money, education, connections, and determination to get through a house flip. I flipped my first house in 2001 and have since flipped … Read more

What is the Best Entity to use when Flipping Houses?

stock market vs rental

This post is provided by Clint Coons with Anderson, Legal, Business and Tax Advisors, who specializes in setting up entities for real estate investors who are flipping houses or buying rental properties. What is the appropriate entity for real estate investors who buy and sell, wholesale, buy tax liens and deeds, or any other activity … Read more