Is Zombie House Flipping Fake?

zombie house flips

Zombie house flipping is a television show on A&E, and it is also a term for houses that have been vacant for years. I was sucked into the show the other day even though I get really frustrated watching house-flipping shows. I have flipped over 155 houses and have 16 flips going right now. I get … Read more

What Is Escrow Disbursement?

In real estate, an escrow disbursement is a process of dispensing the amount held in escrow to pay for homeowners insurance, property taxes, and other property expenses. Lenders usually require borrowers to put money on an escrow account during or after the closing of a property purchase or when property expenses are due. When the … Read more

What is Driving for Dollars?

costs to fix and flip

Driving for dollars is a term that real estate investors use to describe a technique for finding great deals on houses. You drive around until you find a house that looks vacant or distressed and then attempt to buy that home from the owners. Driving around looking for houses is simple, but the process of … Read more

Eddie Speed Note School Review

eddie speed note school

Eddie Speed is a real estate investor who specializes in buying and selling notes. He created Eddie Speed Note School to help teach investors how to buy notes, why they are a good investment and how to find notes to buy. Investing in non-performing and performing notes is one way to invest in real estate … Read more

Should I Get a Home Inspection?

home inspection

When buying a house, buyers are given a certain amount of time to complete a home inspection. Most people complete some type of inspection when purchasing a home, but is a home inspection always necessary? I have been a Realtor since 2001 and I am also a real estate investor. In my opinion 95 percent of house … Read more