Ardor SEO Review: Stay Away from Kris Reid

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  1. Thanks for the info Mark, it’s terrible that people like this are in business. The best thing you can do for SEO is to create great content which is what you’ve been doing all along!

    • Thanks James, I know, My site has had a lot of traffic decreases over the last two years even with new content. I will keep writing

  2. This is precisely why I’ve never used an SEO agency. For one thing, Google’s algorithm is constantly changing. What gets your site to rank on the first page one day may not work at all tomorrow. And, you never know what these kinds of firms are doing to raise your site ranking. They could be doing black hat SEO like back-link spamming, which will destroy your site ranking on Google. Using white hat tactics may be permitted, but that can take a long time (>1 year) to gain any worthwhile traction, much less sales. In other words, relying on organic rankings and SEO to generate business is a bad idea.

    The money spent on an SEO agency could be spent on video creation, print advertising, hosted events, blogging, or Facebook Ads/Google AdWords, all of which can actually work because they aren’t subject to whims of a constantly changing algorithm. Not only that, they’ll generate immediate results unlike an SEO marketing campaign.

    I’m not saying this to you in particular, but rather to everyone who read this blog post. If you want to rank highly on Google, establish yourself as authority in your industry. Build a large, dedicated following online by engaging them with entertaining or informative content. Build connections with other authority figures in your industry so that they have an incentive to share your blog posts, videos, and other content online. Show that you know your industry. There are no shortcuts to ranking organically on the first page of Google., and any SEO agency that promises “first page ranking in 1 week!!!!” for $500 is out to get your money. Ranking on the first page of Google immediately is what Google AdWords is for, and it’ll cost the same as an SEO agency, but for far greater results.

    Kris Reid is a scam artist, and I’m sorry you were taken advantage of in this way, Mark. What he did was terrible. Thanks for letting us know about this! Invaluable info!

    • Thanks Belle for the detailed comment! I agree with what you say. I try to get better SEO because my site did so well from organic SEO in the beginning with just my writing. At one point it was in the top 100k in the world on Alexa.

  3. Mark,
    I do not do any blogging and have no need for any services like you utilize, I am just a real estate investor, but I applaud you for exposing a company like this and with proof. There are a lot of scam artist out there and they need to be exposed so that others are not taken advantage of. Without some feedback from people, others that work hard to get to where they are could lose a lot of money, especially if they are not that familiar with certain aspects of how it should be. Everything I have done in my real estate investing has been on my own from my own knowledge as a contractor and from visiting different sites, like yours, to learn more. Keep up the good articles and videos!

  4. Good job calling him and his shady practices out. I once had a landlord who wouldn’t do email either, phone calls only, so as not leave a trail. I started letting all of her calls go to voice mail once we determined we would have to take her to court (long story), so I had a Google Voice mailbox full of her words.

    I always enjoy the blog, Mark, and have left you a Facebook review. Keep up the interesting writing.

  5. Sorry hear bad experience. I help you make new content for better seo? Email me as soon as possible. I make good price and know lots of real estate agent.

  6. im a small real estate investor and i created my own blogs and sites long time ago ,,like 3 yrs ,my wondering is why you need someone to manipulate you site ?you can doit yourself.. .for what i know about you ,,you dont make your money from the blog but yes.from your investments. so keep adding good content when you can but dedicate most your time to your investments they are the ones more important to make you money .this is from a friend that loves your blog and wish you a blessing investments.

    • My traffic used to be around 300k views a month and then it dropped to under 200k. I hated seeing the drop and not increases!

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