Build a Rental Property Empire Now Available as an Audiobook

gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== Build a Rental Property Empire Now Available as an AudiobookI wrote Build a Rental Property Empire to help as many real estate investors as I could. There are a lot of real estate coaching programs out there (I even have a few), but many people can’t afford a coaching program. Believe it or not, I created this blog to help people, and while it does make me money, I make much more money on my rentals, real estate team, and flipping businesses. My end goal with InvestFourMore has been to help as many people as possible, and that is why I love books. I can pack a ton of information into them, and help the most people possible. Build a Rental Property Empire has been one of the top ten real estate books on Amazon most of the last year. Because of its success and requests from my readers, I made it into an audio book as well. It took some time, but the audio book is finally done and available to purchase. You can get the book here on Amazon. You can also get the book for free by signing up for an account with Audible (Audible gives you one free book and you get the first 30 days of your membership for free). Here is a link directly to audible.

What is included in the audio version of Build a Rental Property Empire?

The audio version includes everything that is included in the paperback or eBook version and is over 9 hours long. I love my rentals and they increased my net worth by well over one million dollars without much of my own money, not to mention the passive income they provide.

Is this book a lead generator for more coaching?

Yes! I do offer more coaching for people if they want it. However, I hold nothing back in the book and do not promise to reveal the real secrets only if you join my coaching program. The coaching programs are there for those who want more guidance and more help than a book can offer. The coaching programs come with live interaction with me, and I love helping people solve problems and figure out better ways to invest. I also keep all my coaching programs very affordable as well! Email me if you are interested in any of them or you can see them here.

Why has this book taken the longest of any of my books to write?

This is by far the longest and most detailed book I have ever written. It comes in at 346 pages and goes over just about everything I know about rental properties. I wanted to write a book that shows people exactly why rentals are so awesome, and the steps on how to make buying rentals a reality. I loved the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad because it gets you motivated to invest better and build a better life. However, I thought Rich Dad, Poor Dad, was very lacking on the details of how to invest and build a better life. My books are not just motivation, but give the details and steps on how to succeed as well. Below are some of the topics covered:

InvestFourMore Real-Time Stats (as of 9/06/18)
16 flips currently in progress. 159 flips completed. 19 rentals properties.
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  • Why rental properties will help you retire faster than other investments
  • The risks of investing in rentals
  • How to determine what a good rental property is
  • How to determine what type of rental to buy
  • How to get a great deal on properties
  • How to finance rentals, even if you have more than 4 or more than 10
  • How to invest in rentals with less cash
  • How to repair and maintain properties
  • How to manage rentals or find a property manager
  • What are the best exit strategies
  • How to buy rental properties when your market is too expensive

Please let me know what you think of the rental property book

If you buy a copy of the book, please leave me a review on Amazon. The more reviews I get, the more the book is promoted, and the more people I can educate about real estate investing. Right now, I am having a contest for a Complete Blueprint for Successful Real Estate Investing program. To enter the contest all you have to do is leave a review on one of my books and then email me to tell me you left a review. I actually started this contest a few weeks ago for my other books. I was not expecting this book to be ready quite this soon. This particular contest ends today (March 28th). If you want to enter the contest for a Complete Blueprint, make sure you leave a review today on one of my books, or all of them. Check out my other books on my author page here. Mark Ferguson Author page.

What are my future real estate book plans?

I am in the process of re-writing my real estate agent book: How to Make it Big as a Real Estate Agent. This book will be much longer, more detailed and available in paperback as well. I am also writing a book with J. Scott, on how to negotiate real estate deals. J. Scott was one of my first podcast guests, is an awesome flipper and is a best-selling author. I am a best-selling author as well, but it is much easier to get to that status writing non-fiction books about real estate, than it is to write the great American novel. If you are wondering why so many people claim to be best-selling authors, it is because the term can be used for each niche and category of books available. Someone who gives away 1,000 free books, could technically call themselves best-selling. I am not trying to take anything away from J Scott, because he has sold a ton of books, but other real estate authors tend to use the term very loosely.

I have also started to write a book that would be fiction. The book is about a fictional character who uses real estate to build themselves a better life. This book will not be done anytime soon, as I have never written fiction before and I have a lot of learning to do. It is something that I think would be fun and possibly more engaging than reading about how to buy or finance properties. I personally think the education system in our country is lacking in a lot of areas. Money management, financial planning, investing are topics that are rarely covered in school. I think it would be awesome to write a book that would be entertaining and educational as well, to people who may not have much of an interest in real estate.


Build a Rental Property Empire, was written to give as much information as I could about investing in rentals. It started out as a re-write of one of my other books, but changed so much in the process and became so much more, it had to be a book of its own. I hope you enjoy it and it helps you become a smarter and more confident investor.

Build a Rental Property Empire: The no-nonsense book on finding deals, financing the right way, and managing wisely.

Other resources for real estate investors and agents

I have three more paperback (also available as eBooks) books available if you are interested in something other than rental properties:

How to Change Your Mindset to Achieve Huge Success: Why your attitude and daily habits have more to do with making more money and having more freedom than anything else.

Fix and Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom

How to Make it Big as a Real Estate Agent: The right systems and approaches to cut years off your learning curve and become successful in real estate.

Again, my books hold nothing back and provide you withthe information needed to be successful. If you enjoy them, please let me know by leaving a review. I also have some great new books coming out in 2017.

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