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I have been a pretty busy guy this summer. I have revamped my flipping business and it is finally running smooth (11 flips going, 11 flips sold in 2016, 12 flips bought in 2016). I have been adding real estate agents to my team and lost an agent as well. I have sold a couple of rentals due to our crazy market in Colorado. The family went to Disneyland in July, and I always make sure to spend plenty of time with my wife and five-year old twins (we also have a major health concern in the family). Through all of this I have been putting out podcasts and articles every week, but I have not been able to spend as much time on the blog as I would like.

real estate investing saleI love helping others learn to invest, invest better, or become successful real estate agents. I do not push my coaching programs constantly like many other real estate investing sites, but I do believe in my programs, and love seeing the success that my students have. I do the coaching calls myself for the Complete Blueprint for Successful Real Estate Investing and The Six Figure Real Estate Agent Success System. I write all the articles on the site myself (although I have an editor now!), and I write all of my books myself. The site does very well, but by no means does it make as much money as my flips or real estate team. I have also tried to make all my products and books affordable as possible, because I can. My main job is real estate, and I think it always will be in one form or another. I do not have to charge $10,000 or $30,000 for coaching programs like many real estate sites do. I would much rather help more people have success and leave them with money to invest, than take everything a few people have, and leave them in a horrible situation financially.

InvestFourMore sale on books and coaching products

Having said all that, I am having a huge sale on InvestFourMore this week (until Friday). I have lowered the prices on all my coaching products, and books. I will be sending additional coupons to those who are signed up on my email list. You can sign up for the investor list here and the agent list here. Both lists have free eBooks that you will get as soon as you sign up along with many other resources. Unlike other real estate investing sites, I will not spam you with other coaching products from every other online program in the country.

All my paperback books on Amazon will be priced as low as I am allowed to price them with Amazon.

All my Kindle eBooks are priced at least 50 percent less than normal. You can read those books on almost any device (smart phone, laptop, tablet), you do not have to own a Kindle.

All my coaching products in my shop are on sale and some as much as 50 percent off (including the Complete Blueprint!)

How do my coaching programs work?

I have written four paperback books on rentals, flipping, agents, and success. I try to include as much information as possible in those books. I do not hold back the secrets in hopes that you will buy my coaching program to learn the most important information. Many people buy my books and learn everything they need to know, but some want help from me personally. I created my coaching programs to give personal help and they include coaching calls twice a month, email coaching and:

  • Video training
  • Audio CDs or MP3s
  • A list of items to do in order to get the best results
  • Contacts for lenders, wholesalers, agents and more
  • Deal analysis from me

How to get a free autographed copy of one of my books

My books are also on sale at Amazon. I lowered the Kindle price and the paperback prices as low as I was allowed to. If you are on my email list, you also know that I was giving away free autographed copies of my books a few weeks ago. All you had to do was leave a review on Amazon for one of these books:

You just had to email me that you left a review (M[email protected]), tell me your address, and what book you would prefer I autograph and send to you. I pay for the book and shipping. Now is a great time to leave a review on one of the books.  If you have not, since the prices will be so low, I will still honor this deal for the next month, and I just got a new shipment of paperback books to send out to people.


I do not have sales very often, so if you have been waiting for my products or books to go on sale, this is a great time to buy. I am too busy to be a master marketer and have sales every month. As of right now there are usually less than 5 people on the coaching calls that I do. There is plenty of time for people to ask me questions and get their questions answered. You can find my coaching programs and books on my resources page.

I also have an affiliate program for people looking to make money referring people to my products. If you are interested send me an email and I can get you set up.

This post may contain affiliate links and I may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.


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