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When I first started InvestFourMore, I wrote articles about rental properties and that was about it. After the site grew and I started to interact with readers, I realized that people wanted to know about everything I did. I have been a real estate for 15 years (it sounds crazy to think I have been an agent that long), and I have been flipping houses for 15 years as well. While I love rentals and the passive income they provide, they can be expensive to purchase. There is no way I could have bought 16 rentals in about 4.5 years without a great income. Being a real estate agent and flipping houses has been a great source of capital to buy rentals. Flipping houses is also a lot of fun for me, although it can be stressful at times. I love getting great deals and transforming houses into something that people would love to live in. I have created programs for rentals, for real estate agents, and now a coaching program for flipping. The program is very affordable, and I don’t hold any secrets back on what I have learned about how to find, finance and sell flips.

How have I been able to flip over 100 houses?

At the moment I have 11 flips in progress (if you count 34 acres that I may turn into a subdivision, but might flip as well). I have flipped well over 100 houses in the last 15 years. My average profit on each flip has been $33,000 after paying all expenses including agents, financing costs, carrying costs, and repairs. I include all the costs when I calculate my profit, unlike some house flipping shows. I have flipped through good and bad markets when housing prices were increasing and inventory was tight (like today’s market), and when prices were decreasing with my county in Colorado leading the nation in foreclosures (2006).

You can make a decent income when you are flipping 10 to 15 houses a year, with over $30,000 profit on each one. I have always been about the fundamentals when flipping houses. I buy cheap, I do not count on appreciation, I have great financing, I have great contractors and I do not get greedy when trying to sell. I have no secrets that no one else knows about. I invest on fundamentals and getting great deals is the key to my success. I have bought deals through the MLS, through auctions, through direct marketing, through trustee sales and through wholesalers. I discuss in detail exactly how I get deals in this program.

Why do many real estate investors fail when they try to flip houses?

I hear many stories about investors who try to flip houses, but lose money or make much less than they planned on. One of the biggest mistakes new investors make is not calculating all the costs, and assuming their flip will sell much quicker than it actually does. Everyday you own a flip you have carrying costs that include taxes, insurance, financing and much more. It also takes a while to repair a house and get it sold. When you miscalculate the costs and take longer than you thought to sell a house, you can end up in a bad situation very quickly. Many times new flippers decide to try to sell their house for more money than the comps say it is worth to make up for the extra costs. That is an even bigger mistake, because the house will take longer to sell and the costs will get even higher!

InvestFourMore Real-Time Stats (as of 9/06/18)
16 flips currently in progress. 159 flips completed. 19 rentals properties.
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This program will help you avoid those mistakes and account for all costs realistically.

What is included in the fix and flip training course?

The training course is set up as an online video module training course. Below are some of the topics included:

  • Can you flip houses in any market?
  • How much money do you need to flip?
  • Fix and Flip Financing
  • What are the costs associated with flipping a house?
  • How much money do you need to make on a flip?
  • How to find a great deal to flip
  • How to find and use contractors to repair flips
  • How to sell a flip

I created new videos that have never been seen before and can only be seen in this program. There are over 3 hours of videos plus additional resources included. One of the additional resources is a fix and flip calculator that tells you how much to pay for a flip. Another resource will be a repair calculator that will give you an idea of how much the repairs will costs on any house that needs fixed up. For those that buy the course in the initial sale period, they will get those calculators for free when they are ready. The calculators will be ready in the next two weeks.

To see a few screen shots of the course, and some of things flipping has allowed me to do, check out this video I made:

How do you get the course?

You can purchase the course right using the link below:

Fix and Flip Video Training Course

As soon as you purchase the course, you will get access to the materials.

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