The InvestFourMore Cyber Monday Deal

I was only planning to have a Black Friday Sale, but I had a couple of people email me saying they missed out on the sale. I understand people have to travel and it is a good thing to take time off work and not look at your email. The Black Friday Sale was only one day with no notice, so I will have a Cyber Monday sale that is only one day with no notice as well. But, it will give those a chance who missed out on the Friday sale to get the same low prices. Again, I have not had sales with prices this low before. Do not expect a ton of sales every couple of weeks like some sites.

All you have to do is head over to the InvestFourMore Store and during checkout enter Cyber35 to get 35 percent off anything in the store. If you want more information on my coaching products you can check out my article from last Friday here.


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