New Monthly Pricing on The Six Figure Real Estate Agent Success System

I introduced the Six Figure Real Estate Agent Success System earlier this year. I created the system to help real estate agents sell more houses and make more money. We have a great group of people in the program and our conference calls have been awesome. Many people have wanted to purchase the program, but can’t afford the one time fee structure. Many new agents struggle with money and that is one reason why so many quit before they get a chance to succeed.

I want to help as many people as I can so I created a new payment option. For $47 a month you get everything that comes with the program, except guide and CD’s mailed to you (these are still available via PDF and MP3’s).

What comes with the Six Figure Real Estate Agent Success System?

Below is a chart that lists most of the features of the Success System. I am adding new videos and features as we speak and anyone who is signed up will get those updates as they become available.

Price $47 monthly $397 one time
Six Figure Success Guide
Bi weekly conference calls as long as signed up One Year
Access to all recorded calls as long as signed up One Year
Email coaching with Mark as long as signed up One Year
Private Facebook Group as long as signed up One Year
MP3 audio
Success Worksheets
Call to Actions
Quick start reference guide
6 Part $100,000 video training
Make it Big Real Estate eBook
Fundamental agent video training
Goal setting Guide
Audio CD’s shipped
Physical copy guide shipped

This system is designed to help real estate agents build a business that will bring clients to the agent. It does take hard work and dedication to build any business. But the right businesses are not about working 80 hours a week for the rest of your life, but building something that will run on its own. If you look at my work schedule I spend very little time on real estate sales, my team does most of the work for me. I am able to concentrate on the blog, on flips and on my rental properties.

InvestFourMore Real-Time Stats (as of 9/06/18)
16 flips currently in progress. 159 flips completed. 19 rentals properties.
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You can buy the Success System here and get started downloading right away. 

How does the personal coaching work with the Success System?

I wanted to include as much personal help as I could with the success system. I can’t talk to everyone that needs my help since traffic is close to 300,000 views a month on the site now. With the success system I hold conference calls twice a month and I answer any and all questions through email. I also add features and more information based on what my students suggest. I made some changes to the REO and BPO starter Kit (included in this system) thanks to one of my students who wanted more instruction on how to complete a BPO and another who wanted a sample BPO form.

Not only will you be able to be on the live conference calls with me and ask me questions, but you get access to all the previously recorded conference calls. I have the recorded calls in our private forum and in a private Facebook Group just for the Success System members. The monthly membership will allow people to be part of the private groups and have access to all the calls as long as they are a member.

What is going to be new for the Success System?

Since first launching the Success System I have added many new features. All the audio is now available on MP3’s, we added more components to the REO and BPO starter kit and we added the private Facebook page.

It took me a very long time to put together the success system with videos, audio, guides, worksheets and more. That doesn’t mean I am done and not adding more features that add value. One of the new features coming up is advanced video training. I am going to make videos featuring my team and how they handle certain situations like answering the phone, meeting buyers, going on a listing appointment, etc.

How can you buy the Six Figure Success System?

The monthly plan for the Success System is available right here. There is no minimum amount of months you have to purchase the program for.

If you want to buy the Six Figure System with the one-time fee you can purchase it here.

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