How to Jump-start Your Real Estate Investing Career

Investing in real estate is a wonderful way to grow your money and create passive income. I feel investing in real estate is a much better way to retire early than the stock market for many reasons I detail here. It takes a lot of time to learn how to invest in real estate and a lot of work to learn your market, determine values, determine rents or the repairs needed on a home and determine the best strategy.

I own 15 rentals, have flipped over 100 homes and I run a real estate team of 8. I did not have a great start to real estate or real estate investing. It took me years to find my niche as an agent and then many more years before I started buying rental properties and creating income that would last the rest of my life. I offer many articles on InvestFourMore to help investors get started or improve their current investing techniques. I also offer a system that provides a road map on how to get started, how to structure investments and to make the most money you can with rental properties.

How can you avoid the mistakes I made in real estate?

When I was younger I set no goals, had no vision and basically hoped I would become successful some how. It was not until I started planning, setting goals and taking charge of my life that I was able to break through the grind and make a lot of money. I then used those techniques to invest that money wisely in rental properties and I have created $6,000 a month in income from my rentals after only four years. I wish I would have started investing in myself and rentals much sooner, because the sooner you invest the better off you will be.

For much of my real estate career I tried to reinvent the wheel instead of learn from others. I thought I was smart and could figure out the best ways to invest or make money as an agent. The problem was I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel, because thousands of other people had learned to be successful in real estate and were happy to share that information. I didn’t realize how much time I was wasting and how much money I was losing by not listening to other successful agents or investors.

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It is true that in some cases you have to pay to learn, whether you go to college, real estate school or hire a coach. The best and most valuable information is usually not free. When I became really successful was when I realized that the money I paid for the right education would make me much more money in the future than that education cost me. I now pay for a lot of education including a mastermind group, Jack Canfield Coaching, forums that help with investing or my blog and much more. If I can pay for education that will save me hours, days, weeks or years trying to learn things myself, I will do it almost every time, because my time is so valuable. The more money I invest into education and learning, the more money I make in real estate.

How can I help you become more successful in real estate and life?

I have had a system to help new investors or experienced investors improve learn to invest better for about a year. I am a Realtor and investor first and I have learned a lot over the last year about teaching and helping others learn. There have been constant improvements to the system including the addition of conference calls, video modules and CDs. The Complete Blueprint to Successful Real Estate Investing is a system to help you learn all about rentals, flipping, develop strategies, learn your market, learn what a good deal is and how to make the most money investing. The system also includes a lot of information on setting goals, creating the right attitude and setting yourself up for success no matter what you do.

What comes with the Complete Blueprint to Successful Real Estate Investing?

gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== How to Jump-start Your Real Estate Investing CareerI have made many additions to the system over the last year. It not only comes with a ton of information, but personal coaching, live conference calls, videos, CDs and much more.

  • 295 page Guide:  The heart of the blueprint is a 295 page Guide that includes over 60 chapters and 11 sections on the most important factors of investing. This Guide is put together in order for what you need to know first to last. The guide is written like my blog; to the point, without any fluff or add-ons to increase the length. You will have access to the guide immediately as a downloadable file and it will also be mailed to you with the CDs.
  • Live conference call: the conference is held twice a month for complete blueprint customers only. The call includes a presentation from me and time for questions. I have discussed many topics from goal setting and wholesaling to the best ways to buy properties below market value. All the calls are all recorded and available to replay in the custom forum just for Blueprint customers. You will gain access to all the previous conference call recordings.
  • Personal Coaching: Along with the guide, conference calls, audio, and calculators, I include personal coaching with this blueprint. The coaching comes in the form of a custom-made forum just for customers who purchase the blueprint or direct email to me. I will help with deal analysis, finding a team, finding properties and much more. I also urge everyone to send the results of their call to actions to me personally to see how you are progressing and what can be improved.
  • Video Modules: There is a video module for each chapter with additional information on real estate investing.
  • Calls to action that give you specific tasks to start investing now: Not only does the guide include a lot of great information, each section comes with a “call-to-action” that gives you the exact steps needed to investing in real estate. Even if you don’t think you’ll be ready to invest for five years, there are things you can do now to get involved in the game. The calls-to-action help you discover your own investing strategy, learn your market, build a plan and execute that plan. Most importantly, these calls-to-action get you applying what you learn as you learn. They make you take action!
  • CD recordings: Besides the 295 page guide and the call-to-actions and video modules. The system comes with over 200 minutes of audio CDs that outline the guide and provide additional insights into investing.
  • Calculators: With the guide, call to actions and audio, I also include information on exactly how to use the cash flow and cash on cash calculators on InvestFourMore. I give instructions on how to use these tools to develop and enhance your investing.
  • Full length Fix and Flip Book: Fix and Flip your Way to Financial Freedom, is a book I wrote that details how I make money flipping houses and details many of my deals.
  • Goal setting guide: I took Jack Canfield personal coaching and I am a huge fan of making our own future through goals and attitude. Included in the program is a guide that details the most important things I do on a day-to-day basis to be successful. I include tips on setting goals, daily routines, overcoming fear, inspirational books and much more. These techniques helped me buy my dream house and dream car in my 30’s.

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The Complete Blueprint includes personal coaching, deal analysis, conference calls, video training, CDs, the guide and the coaching and calls are not limited to only investing in rental properties. We have talked about goals, wholesaling, flipping and many other topics.

If you want to jump-start your investing and save time and money along the way. You can purchase the Complete Blueprint in the InvestFourMore Store right here. Remember it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee!

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