New Video: New Fix and Flip Purchase and a Fix & Flip being Repaired

On Friday I purchased another fix and flip!  I also sold the fix and flips I did a case study on here on Friday.  I have 8 fix and flips and one more under contract that is set to close in June.  I took a couple of videos yesterday; one video is of the new fix and flip I just bought, which can be seen below.  The other video is of a flip I bought in March that I described in my March fix and flip update article.

Contractor updates on the fix and flips

I have had a lot of problems with contractors lately, but I think I found a great one.  He is even hiring more crew to help with our backlog of properties I have that need to be repaired.  Hopefully I will have some more videos that show all these properties repaired and on the market soon.

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