How to Make it Big in Real Estate; Revised Addition

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I wrote a book for anyone interested in becoming a real estate agent or who is already a real estate agent a few months ago.  The book is called How to Make it Big in Real Estate; From a Millionaire Agent.  A full description of the book can be found here.   You can buy the E-book from Amazon here or buy a PDF version here in our shop.

Why consider being a real estate agent?

I won’t write a huge article on this, but I have been an agent since 2001 and I love it!  There are many ways to make money as an agent and many ways to make a lot of money as an agent.  Many people ask me how I am able to continue to fund new rental properties when I am paying off mortgages with my cash flow.  The answer is I make a great living from selling houses as a Realtor and I also make good money doing fix and flips as well.  The beauty of being a real estate agent is it makes it so much easier to invest in rental properties and fix and flips.

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