FICON 2014-Single Family Investment Forum

Single Family Investment ForumThe Single Family Investment Forum is the second single family investment conference presented by FICON.  The conference is taking place March 3-4, 2014 in Santa Monica and I will be there!  I talk about how much a conference can improve your business in this article and I am very excited to attend this event.  I am going because there are not many conferences dedicated to single family investing, which is my specialty!  It doesn’t hurt that the conference is on the beach in Santa Monica either.

What I expect to find at the FICON investment forum

The agenda for the single family investing forum looks very interesting for anyone who wants to invest in real estate.  The most interesting topics I see covered are fix and flips, acquisition strategies, short-term financing, long-term financing and property management.  This conference is not just for individual investors but for hedge funds as well.

What do I want to learn at the single family investment forum?

At FICON I am hoping to learn many things.  After starting my blog I realized there is so much I don’t know about real estate investing.  I am hoping to learn many things that I have no idea about right now.  It could be financing or acquisition strategies; who knows!

I have heard rumors that there may be some new financing options coming up for investors.  There are many lenders who are sponsoring the event and I am hoping there are some programs out there that allow less money down or fewer restrictions for investors.

Who do I hope to meet at the FICON investment forum?

One thing I always try to do at conferences is meet as many people as I can.  There are many more benefits to a conference than just learning from the conference events.  I mentioned there will be many lenders sponsoring the conference and I hope to meet as many as possible.

I also hope to meet other investors and pick their brain about their strategies and techniques.  Maybe I will find an investor looking to sell some cheap properties in my area.

Matt Martin Real Estate Management will be at the conference and that is one of the companies I list HUD homes for.  It is always a good idea to meet your most valuable clients in person whenever you can.

I want to meet successful people!  I talk a lot about having a positive attitude and what it takes to be successful in my blog.  A great way to become successful is to hang around other successful people.  Hedge funds have a lot of money and the people who run them are very powerful.  I hope to meet some hedge fund managers at this conference as well.

I also know of a few friends I have in the real estate industry who will be attending the conference.  I am going to meet up with them and see how things are going in their part of the country.  Networking is never a bad thing.

Why do I love conferences in general?

I have been to many conferees and was even a speaker at REOCON in Dallas last year.  I have been to some great conferences and some not so great conferences.  Even at the not so great conferences, I always learn a lot.  The people who attend the conferences are the most valuable asset at a conference.  Even if I learn nothing from the speakers or meetings, I will know I will learn something from the attendees.  I am sure I will learn something from the conference itself and from the people attending.  The aspect that I am the most excited about is this is a different type of conference than I have ever attended before.  I have always attended REO conferences for REO listing agents.  This conference is all about investing, but is still focused on real estate.  I will meet a completely different group of people than I usually meet and that should provide some great new insights.


The conference is March 3rd and 4th; if anyone happens to be attending as well let me know and I will be happy to meet up with you.  I love meeting new people and sharing ideas.  I will be sure to provide an update to everyone after the conference on what I learned.


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