A Review of Cash Flow Freedom University (CFFU) From Ben Leybovich

Ben Leybovich was kind enough to let me review his product Cash Flow Freedom University (CFFU). He has successfully built a mini-empire of real estate, and has done so by putting very little of his own money into it. In CFFU, he shows exactly how he accomplishes this. My blog InvestFourMore discusses a very similar strategy as Ben’s CFFU, but with a few major differences. I have purchased all of my rental properties using 20% down financing through a mortgage broker or portfolio lender. Although I talk about ways to put less money down, I have never used those techniques myself. Ben on the other hand has used many techniques to buy properties with little to no money down. If you are looking for a way to get started investing without having to put 20% or more down, you need to check out CFFU.

Some background on Ben Leybovich

Ben was born in Russia, was an incredible violin player, and now is an accomplished investor. Ben is also a great guy, and someone I’ve come to confer with. To see more of Ben’s history check out the interview I did with him earlier this year. If you are looking for something to help you begin your investing career, a program to help you improve your investing, or something that will boost your current investing and allow you to buy more properties, CFFU  is going to help you.

It took me some time to get through Ben’s program because there is so much information. Ben asked me if I thought CFFU was worth his asking price after I was about midway through the program. I answered yes with no hesitation.  The program is not just about investing, it is about everything you need to do in your life to be a successful investor. I took notes on all the important parts of the program and I ended up with a lot of notes! Even though Ben likes to invest in multifamily and I like to invest in single family, Ben’s program can be used by anyone buying any type of property. I mentioned Ben bought most of his properties without putting his own money into them. That was not because he wanted to save as much money as possible, it was because he didn’t have the money to put 20% down on properties. He had no other choice but to be creative to get started investing in real estate.

So if you don’t believe you have enough cash on hand to buy properties the way I do, I highly recommend Ben’s program. It can be used to complement or augment the techniques I discuss.

What is Cash Flow Freedom University?

CFFU is a program Ben put together to help aspiring investors, beginning investors and experienced investors improve their business. I love the name Cash Flow Freedom University because there is no degree for investing in real estate. Colleges offer real estate degrees, but real estate degrees and programs do not discuss investing in real estate. The only way to gain an education in real estate investing is to start investing, read all the blogs and websites you can, or learn from a pro like Ben. Personally I suggest you use all three techniques if possible. Learning from a pro like Ben will save you money, time and many headaches.

Ben’s program is available in PDF format or audio tapes. I chose to listen to the audio tapes because I drive a lot and I am always looking for more things to listen too. I got tired of listening to the radio a long time ago and now I listen to educational or inspirational audio tapes for the most part. Ben also provides worksheets, a cash flow analyzer calculator and gives one-on-one training with his program. The one-on-one training is priceless when it comes to investing in real estate because every house or apartment complex is different and each situation needs to be handled uniquely. There is not a one size fits all technique when it comes to investing in real estate. Ben also has over 20 hours of audio in his program, so if you want a lot of information this is the program for you! It took me a while to get through it which is a good thing, because there is so much information. Ben also is very entertaining and he has a cool accent, which makes listening to it easy

What does Cash Flow Freedom University Offer?

Let’s get to the beef and heart of Ben’s program. What is CFFU about and why should you buy it? I have already said there is a ton of great information in Ben’s program and here is some of what you will find. There is way too much to list!

  1. The program starts out with a fantastic history on real estate, investing and why real estate a such a great investment. I am pretty adamant that investing in real estate beats the stock market every time and Ben also covers this extremely well.
  2. Ben goes into the tax advantages, the incredible returns, the ability to buy real estate below market, and of course leverage. Ben is a guest blogger for Bigger Pockets as well, which lends to his credibility.
  3. Ben discusses how important it is to know people, how to meet people and even how to talk to those people.  He discusses how to talk to lenders and who needs to be on your team to make you successful.
  4. Throughout Ben’s CFFU, he gives real life examples about his deals and how they relate to what he is teaching.  He is not making up stuff, he has done it personally and is still doing it now.
  5. CCFU describes the terms and vocabulary you will need to know as an investor. Cap rate, GRM, ARV, ROI and many other key investor terms are explained and he tells you how to use them and why they are important.
  6. Ben describes how to determine the value on properties and what to look for in repairs and maintenance.  What locations he prefers and what will make a home rent for the most money. He also gives great tips on how to buy properties below market value. From homes on the MLS (my specialty), off market properties and from his Circles of Influence.
  7. Ben describes how loans work as well. The differences between local banks, big banks and seller financing. He talks about creative clauses to use with loans and notes and how to fully use them to your advantage.At this point I think CFFU is already well worth the cost, but we are just getting started! Ben goes into his advanced techniques to acquire properties with little or no money down.

The most important part of CFFU

Ben started investing in real estate with no money of his own and built a mini empire. He did this by using a mixture of seller financing, bank financing and private money. Ben describes how he structured multiple deals using these techniques and how he met people who would lend him money and trust him. This section is fantastic, and I wish I would have known this information when I started.

Ben talks about creative ways to structure deals from a land contract to lease options. He details how these techniques can be used and when and where to use them.

Once he goes through how to purchase property, he does not stop. He then describes ways to maximize your revenue, how to decrease expenses and raise revenue. How to expand building and use zoning laws to your favor. He is extremely detailed on how to repair investment property. He explains the most common repairs, when to do them, how much they cost and the benefit of each repair.

I am sure I have left out a lot of great points in Ben’s program. He has so much great information that I would need to listen to the audio at least three more times to fully get it all. If I were starting out in real estate investing, this program would have helped me so much. Even if you never buy an investment property in your life, this information is well worth the price for the knowledge it will give you when buying your personal house or helping your friends and family. Ben offers a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

Ben did not put this program together in a couple of nights in his basement. He put it together in his basement over 18 months! Just kidding, I have no idea where he put this together, but I know he spend hundreds and hundreds of hours on it if not more. To gain a lifetime of knowledge for under $300 is a bargain in my book. Just to be completely upfront, I do receive a referral fee from him for each sale from my site. If you follow my site, you will notice I don’t have many arrangements such as this, and this is the only real estate program I promote right now. I do not put name behind something unless I have thoroughly reviewed it, and firmly believe it will provide a tremendous value to my readers.

If you are looking for a program that will guide you step by step though the investing process, CFFU is for you. If you need a way to invest in real estate without a lot of money, then CFFU is a fantastic program. Even at my point in my investing career, I found information and techniques that will help me. It is not just for beginners, but all investors and I highly recommend anyone interested in improving their real estate investing business try out Ben’s program. If you don’t think it is worth it, remember it comes with a money back guarantee.

How to get started

Please click here to sign up for Ben’s program.

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